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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How New Moms Tweet

Day 1: Our little one is here! Long list of birth stats no one cares much about!

Day 3: Baby sleeps so much! Why do moms complain about no sleep?


Day 15: Newborn diapers don't even stink! Hurrah!

Day 20: Oh dear God, how can something so small smell so bad?!?

Day 30: Things I have worn today: spit up, poo, pee.

Day 35: I can't believe I'm still wearing maternity clothes. This sucks.

Day 36: Took a shower today! Hurrah! No more spit up in my hair!

Day 40: Baby slept 3 whole hours in a row!!!!

Day 45: Poo everywhere. Ugh. Why does this always happen at midnight?!?

Day 47: Baby's poo is green/brown/orange. IS THIS NORMAL?!?

Day 48: Can't believe my primary concern in life has become the color of someone's poo.

Day 50: Bored . . . baby sleeps all day.

Day 60: Baby is awake more! Smiling! Cooing! Woohoo!

Day 61: Bored. Baby is awake, no idea what to do with him.

Day 62: Need. Adult. Conversation. Starbucks anyone???

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