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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Harry Potter Nursery Reveal

Parents often spend a lot of time decorating baby's nursery, which is of course silly because:
1) Baby usually sleeps in a bassinet in mom and dad's room for the first few months;
2) Baby really does not care.

Still, a themed-nursery seemed like a fun project to tackle while we waited around for baby, so we picked out a nursery theme that we would enjoy, and hopefully baby will grow into. 

And aside from the actual furniture, it didn't cost us too much cash either. 

Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron!

 Harry Potter Nursery 
Quidditch broom, poster, decals.

Harry Potter Nursery 
Ravenclaw blanket; dragon; owl decal; poster.

Harry Potter Nursery 
Wall scroll, Dumbledore quote.

 Harry Potter Nursery
Owl lamp

The house colors blanket was crocheted by an awesome friend. The poster frames I picked up at Michael's, on sale for $8/ea.

The last themed-item we plan to get is a toy chest, like this one, that looks a bit like Harry's traveling trunk. At this point, baby doesn't have enough toys to make it a necessity, though I expect that will change quickly.

I do have a few additional decor ideas up my sleeve, should we decide we need to kick the Harry Potter up a notch . . . 

A sorting hat.

This sign.

A dragon mobile.

The Tri-wizard Tournament cup.

These amazing travel posters.

Or a super expensive map of Diagon Alley.

But for now, we're satisfied.

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  1. Ok..I confess that I've never read the first HP book but I really love this room! Any chance you would allow me to share it with visitors to Unique Baby Gear Ideas? Email me at uniquebabygear at bellsouth.net and let me know!

    You can take a look at this recent feature to get an idea of what I mean...http://www.unique-baby-gear-ideas.com/baby-boys-navy-blue-and-white-nursery-with-gold-metallic-decor.html