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Saturday, January 5, 2013

7 Bizarre Baby Shower Ideas from Pinterest . . .

You know you can't just invite mom over, give her some gifts and a slice of cake anymore. No, things have gotten far more . . . excessive. 

 Is no one else creeped out by the idea of eating something that looks like a squawking infant?? 

If you don't know the names of famous people's children, you clearly have no business being or even associating with a parent. 


Photo booth props--because photo booths aren't just an over-the-top wedding element anymore, we need them for baby showers too! 

Source: via Raquel on Pinterest

Don't forget dad! He needs his own baby survival kit, because, let's face it, he won't have a clue what's going on, and he'll need it when he has to "babysit." Also, it should reference poo. That's always funny. 

Source: hwtm.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Even the water has to be dressed-up and baby-themed, people! Otherwise the shower is a FAILURE! 

We don't want people to be bored, so let's grill them with obscure questions about the mom-to-be, in the name of "fun." What does this have to do with the baby? No idea. 

Source: tinyprints.com via Amy on Pinterest

Uh, what? This invitation is testing the limits of my tolerance for "creativity." 
And is "adorability" now a word? Unacceptable.

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