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Sunday, January 6, 2013

...and 7 Pretty Cute Ones.

Decorate blocks--a sweet and usable keepsake. 

Milk and cookies shower treat--yum. No need to eat a baby's face! 

Source: bing.com via Destiny on Pinterest

 Punch! Let's get some booze in there for the non-preggo guests. 

Sweet and simple invites. If the hostess has nice handwriting, you're good to go. 

A (FREE printable!) game that's actually related to babies--and has the potential for hilarious answers as guests scramble to fill in all letters. 

Lip balm will never, ever go to waste. 

Source: phar-ma.com via Jamie on Pinterest

Try these "diaper babies"  instead of a diaper cake--bizarre yet adorable! Because, googly eyes.

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